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Jul. 19th, 2011

sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 2/25 (for ddraigcoch)

Prompt from ddraigcoch: I'll leave the setting up to you, but something with a non-traditional family (friends, alternative family, bunch of people who might even hate one another who can't shake each other off... you get the idea) sitting down for a disaster of a Christmas Dinner.

Warnings: slash, het.

The Sentherias, the Metrians, and the Erreals were notorious for hating each other.Collapse )
sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 1/25 (for theillusionist)

Prompt from theillusionist: technophile bodyguard for a mage! mage is interested in technology but not sure where to start (or the other way around). awkward hijinks!

Clearly I didn't use all of the prompt--the story got away from me. Still, I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: nsfw language.

Jude hit things.Collapse )
writing interrupted


adventchallenge 2010: Master List

[[Originally posted November 16th, 2010]]

Because alice_montrose's writing games bring all the boys to the yard, I decided to do the adventchallenge this year--officially. This will be my master post.

The basics:
Please give me prompts for original stories!
NB: By original, I mean characters I have copyright over, not those first written by someone else.

For those who prompted last December:
Prompts that I didn't finish in December 2009 are already on this list. If your name is listed and you want to change prompts, comment with the new prompt and I'll change the old one.

Exceptions from last December:
Not on the list are prompts from people no longer using LJ, or who requested fanfics. If those people give me original prompts, I'll put them back on the prompt list.

December 2010 Advent Challenge PromptsCollapse )
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adventchallenge 2010: 8+9/25 (for rykaine & rimbaum)

I am totally still writing adventchallenge stories! I will even finish my list! ...Eventually. >_>

Prompt from rykaine: The required social appearance at the office Christmas party. And a little too much wine.
Prompt from rimbaum: A necromancer and his rival, and a winter-holiday truce. Slashy, perhaps? :D

I didn't expect to combine prompts, but these two fused in my head and refused to be parted. They were MFEO! IT WAS DESTINY!

He'd rather be in a graveyard raising putrified corpses than stuck in his boss's cramped apartment on Christmas EveCollapse )

a different bet entirely*Collapse )

Jul. 18th, 2011

cuffs and submission


Bubble Wrap 4: On Fire

These stories were written for the holidaysmut prompt "bubble wrap", and further sparked by alice_montrose, the queen of vicious, vicious plotbunnies. ^_^ This is my Day of Porn contribution for 2011.

Previously, in the Bubble Wrap 'verse...
1 - The Church of Bubble Wrap
2 - Packington Meets His Match
3 - Double-Dealing

Bubble Wrap 4: On Fire
Word Count: ≈2,250
Warnings: bad language, bad attitudes, magic, and sex.

Bubble Wrap 4: On FireCollapse )
sexy in white


Transition! Transition's Starting! (Adventure Time?)

I am once again reorganizing my fics online.

This comm was originally created to archive my fanfiction, since I was unhappy that my favorite online fanfic archives only allowed for certain types of fanfic (ex. m/m only, no NC-17 stories, etc.) to be posted. Eventually I got fed up enough to find and start this community, where I could post everything, and organize it according to my slightly obsessive-compulsive heart's desires.

Fast-forward to this project's completion...at which point I finally accept that I'm writing fanfiction not a bit, and original stories all the time. But what to do with the taitfics?

Fast-forward again, to 2011, wherein I am introduced to Archive of Our Own (AO3), a fanfiction archive by fans, for fans, and made entirely of amazing slathered in awesomesauce with a cherry on top, where by cherry I mean Orgasmic Joy. It took me a while to decide to join (I was re-discovering the joys of reading fanfic, which kept me quite busy, and also wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule)--but join I have!

I'm slowly transferring my fanfics to AO3 now. You can find them under newtypeshadow. ^_^ Once they're all up on AO3, I'll remove them from taitfics.

With the fanfics on AO3, I've decided to use this comm for my original works. Stories previously posted on other comms will be linked to here in master list posts. Stories posted on my personal LJ, newtypeshadow, will be re-posted here.


Jun. 2nd, 2011

take a bite


Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang fanfiction

Below is all the Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang fanfic I've written. Most of them are collabs with rosalyn_angel, who is amazing. ^_^

1sentence Table Epsilon -- a table of one-sentence responses to 50 prompt words, starring (mosty) Harry Lockhart and Perry van Shrike.

Arguments are Foreplay Too -- a collaboration with rosalyn_angel that began in a chat log. Perry/Harry.

Knight-verse 1: In the Event of Danger, Perform a Gallant Escape -- a collaboration with rosalyn_angel

Knight-verse 2: How To Defend Your Chosen Damsel (pt 1 of 2) -- a collaboration with rosalyn_angel

Knight-verse 2: How To Defend Your Chosen Damsel (pt 2 of 2) -- a collaboration with rosalyn_angel

Mar. 10th, 2010

love and bunnies


holidaysmut posts

I've made a few more posts in holidaysmut since my previous entry.

To date, the stories posted there are:

- A Father's Blessing (prompt: Father's Day)
- The Brothers Monroe (prompt: wild men)
- Purna (prompt: superheroes)
- Almost Home (prompt: earth day)
- An Innocent Little Death (prompt: outdoor smut)
- The Lucky Chair (prompt: best friends)
- The Church of Bubble Wrap, and sequel Packington Meets His Match (prompt: bubble wrap)
- white tiger, red demon, blue bottle, black genie (prompt: open that bottle)

I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

Please note that on holidaysmut the challenges/prompts never expire, so you can write for them--and post for them--any time.

Aug. 2nd, 2009

love and bunnies


holidaysmut: "A Father's Blessing"

Recently, a friend sent me a link to an awesome community of [primarily] slash writers. holidaysmut is an LJ comm dedicated to romance and/or smut fics written with holidays as prompts. It's a lot of fun! I'm reading through the archives, and they are flooded with good, fun, and hot stories--99% of them slash.

Mmm, tastiness.

Also tasty is that prompts don't expire--anyone can write for any prompt, no matter how long ago it was posted.

I immediately joined, and recently posted a fic there for the father's day prompt. I hope you enjoy "A Father's Blessing." ♥
sexy in white


Shousetsu Bang*Bang #19 is live!

bb_shousetsu posted its 19th issue a few weeks ago. The theme? "He Blinded Me With Science" -- sci fi, in other words.

My story "Programming Magic" is in that issue! It's about a human who designs computer games, and the elf who strikes a deal with him. What can I say? I cannot write straight sci-fi. Or, in the words of the second Gamers movie (bastardized): "Everything's better with pirates magic." ^_~

Go read and enjoy!

On a very much related note, nosferatu_blue's story "Stars Like Snow" was published in Issue #19 as well! It's a brilliant story with a brilliant premise and brilliant execution. Also, it's about SPACE ASSASSINS! *___*

So yes. Issue #19, bb_shousetsu, science fiction, read and enjoy. ♥

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