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Help me choose a Shousetsu Bang*Bang story! (First Poll ^_^)

Starting with "Hooray for Hollywood," bb_shousetsu's most recent issue, the comm has begun releasing its issues in ebook format as well as online! ^__^

As they cannot release previous issues without consent of all authors and illustrators involved (a giant headache, let me tell you), the SSBB mods have opted to make a compilation anthology ebook, for which authors with stories in past issues (2005-2011) can volunteer one of said stories for inclusion.

I really want to take part, but am waffling between [two of] the five stories I've written for Shousetsu Bang*Bang. Since I've never made a poll before, and I wanted to ask for back-up opinions to soothe my indecisive mind, I decided to do both at once.

Help me?

Poll #1826694 SSBB Compilation Issue Story (ie. help this indecisive author choose)

Which story should I submit for Shousetsu Bang*Bang's compilation issue?

I haven't read any of these stories, but I can help with those ticky boxes…


...no ticky for you! Why? Because this ticky is MINE.

You can find all of the above stories archived on my web site and on s2b2 under the newtypeshadow tag.

Thanks for reading and voting! ♥


I want to vote for 'Programming Magic' because I love that story, but I'm not going to do so until I refresh my memory of the other stories. So this is my interim vote, or something. I will try and make it back before you close the poll and vote properly.
Dammit all to hell. Instead of getting back to work and coming back later, like I'd intended, I went and had a quick peek at the stories and remembered which ones they were. AND NOW I CAN'T DECIDE.

I think it's going to be a contest between 'Programming Magic', 'There's no place like home' and 'lost and found', but I'm going to have to either re-read them all back-to-back or select one randomly. I'd like to do the former, but I don't think I'm going to have time (busy this evening after work, going away over the weekend). Arrgh! *general frustrated hair-tearing and dramatic shit*
Aw, yay! I mean, er, darn? For serious, though, that's good for paranoid!writer!me to hear. ^_^

Thanks for helping out with this! I'm still not sure which to submit...even though SSBB just announced the deadline is May 1st. *worries*
Eep! Good thing you posted a reminder, I forgot that I hadn't voted yet. But I have now. :D
I'd never read Heat before, but there's something about it that I really like. So I voted for that. :P Probably because strong women win with me, just about every time. My runner-up is probably Programming Magic because of the action, stakes, story arc, and cuteness. <3 But heat is definitely a YES!
Awesome! Thanks for voting! ^_^ Also, for telling me your reasoning--though I suppose I should've known before you said a word, yeah? ^_~
Hi! So I meant to go and read all of these gems you've been hiding from me^^ but I've barely been reading lately (the horror!) and the little time I've had I've been on a re-reading kick. But! I did want to help so I spent the morning reading the two with the highest votes. Loved Lost and Found, but Rome and magic and sex and sex magic pushed Programming Magic to the top of the pile (of two).

Will read the others soon, but I wanted to get a vote in. ^_^
Okay, finished reading the rest, but I stand by my vote. ^_^

I did enjoy the others very much, though. Xander and Ethan were so cute dancing around each other. I loved the bargain theme. Pulling Together... oh, geez, I just connected the double entendre of the title, haha. Anyway, cute and awkward. ^_^ And Heat was just lovely, I could feel the location, even as I sit bundled in a fleece robe under blankets. I'm a little weird about fem-slash sexytimes, though. It's like poles and holes don't phase me, but have a couple of women get intimate and I'm all 'omg, they're having sex! lol! But even if I did have to read through the cracks in my fingers, I could tell that it was sweet and sensuous and well-written. ^_^