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In which 0700 is, in fact, 7AM [Odd Man Out challenge]

rykaine posted the "Odd Man Out" challenge last Friday, with multiple prizes of awesome Less Than Three Press swag for the randomly selected winners. Seeing as LT3 prizes are amazing and I covet them greatly, I decided to enter.

Unfortunately, "0700 Monday the 24th" is 7AM not PM (or 6PMAM in my time zone--I was PREPARED). So I am a bit less than 12 hours late, and no prize shall be mine but the writing of ridiculous. Let my mistake be a lesson to all that the clarity of military time can indeed be lost on me certain people. >_>

Doesn't mean I won't share the crack though. *cackles*

Non-Entry 1:
Odd man out? How strange
you look without your rainbow
bikini-cut thong.

Non-Entry 2:
Jeff's uniqueness no man can contest--
Seeing him, you, too, would be impressed
With his guyliner whorls,
Couture fashion, and curls--
Fashionista is what he does best.