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Dec. 9th, 2015

plotbunny of doom!


Space Held for Story

Held for story.

Mar. 15th, 2012

sexy in white


Help me choose a Shousetsu Bang*Bang story! (First Poll ^_^)

Starting with "Hooray for Hollywood," bb_shousetsu's most recent issue, the comm has begun releasing its issues in ebook format as well as online! ^__^

As they cannot release previous issues without consent of all authors and illustrators involved (a giant headache, let me tell you), the SSBB mods have opted to make a compilation anthology ebook, for which authors with stories in past issues (2005-2011) can volunteer one of said stories for inclusion.

I really want to take part, but am waffling between [two of] the five stories I've written for Shousetsu Bang*Bang. Since I've never made a poll before, and I wanted to ask for back-up opinions to soothe my indecisive mind, I decided to do both at once.

Help me?

Poll #1826694 SSBB Compilation Issue Story (ie. help this indecisive author choose)

Which story should I submit for Shousetsu Bang*Bang's compilation issue?

I haven't read any of these stories, but I can help with those ticky boxes…


...no ticky for you! Why? Because this ticky is MINE.

You can find all of the above stories archived on my web site and on s2b2 under the newtypeshadow tag.

Thanks for reading and voting! ♥

Nov. 21st, 2011

reading over chai


Original Fics Posted on Other Comms


*Please note that on holidaysmut the challenges/prompts never expire, so you can write for them--and post for them--any time. ♥


Oct. 24th, 2011

Watson says It's All Fine


In which 0700 is, in fact, 7AM [Odd Man Out challenge]

rykaine posted the "Odd Man Out" challenge last Friday, with multiple prizes of awesome Less Than Three Press swag for the randomly selected winners. Seeing as LT3 prizes are amazing and I covet them greatly, I decided to enter.

Unfortunately, "0700 Monday the 24th" is 7AM not PM (or 6PMAM in my time zone--I was PREPARED). So I am a bit less than 12 hours late, and no prize shall be mine but the writing of ridiculous. Let my mistake be a lesson to all that the clarity of military time can indeed be lost on me certain people. >_>

Doesn't mean I won't share the crack though. *cackles*

Non-Entry 1:
Odd man out? How strange
you look without your rainbow
bikini-cut thong.

Non-Entry 2:
Jeff's uniqueness no man can contest--
Seeing him, you, too, would be impressed
With his guyliner whorls,
Couture fashion, and curls--
Fashionista is what he does best.

Oct. 5th, 2011

bound in blue


kinky_fantasy - List 1: 25 claimed - fic master list

This is the [new] home for my master list of kinky_fantasy List 1: Fantasy + Kink = Fic stories. I'll add prompt pairs and links as they're finished and posted.

Story Count: 1/25

Fantasy + Kink = FicCollapse )

Jul. 19th, 2011

sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 7/25 (animangel)

Yes, I am still doing these. Determined to finish these 25 even if it takes me into December 2011. *resolve!face*

animangel's prompt: A story about being (literally) kidnapped by plot bunnies.

I've been meaning to transcribe this for a week, but at last it is done. This one's pretty short, and I hope you'll all recognize something of your inspiring selves in it. *snugs you guys*

The trouble with plotbunny abductions...Collapse )
sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 6/25 (for iriththedreamer)

Prompt from iriththedreamer: Two friends meet up again after 'adventuring' for five years.

It turned out a bit different than I expected (as do all things, come to think of it), but I hope you like it anyway. ♥

Modret was waiting for him at the pub...Collapse )
sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 5/25 (for alice_montrose)

alice_montrose's request: Male model/fashionista, winter-themed photo shoot. Bonus points for hot photographer. extra bonus points if there's flirting and/or (half-)naked sex involved.

I did not follow the prompt to the letter, sadly, but I hope you enjoy the results anyway. *snugs*

Thomas arrived at 11:30am precisely.Collapse )
sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 4/25 (for soraciel)

Prompt from soraciel: A woman living as a man in a steampunk world falls in love. <-- highlight for spoilers

Warnings: het, femmeslash

Flora Beaumont sighed as she collapsed her parasol and placed it over her lap.Collapse )
sexy in white


adventchallenge 2010: 3/25 (for iriththedreamer)

Prompt from iriththedreamer: A vampire(or vampires), an elf(or elves), samurai, and music. Feel free to just pick two of the four if that is too much weirdness.

It didn't turn out quite how I expected, but I hope it pleases nonetheless. You will note the date is "for December 3rd." I'm way behind, but once school is over I shall catch up..and likely let this spill over into January to do so.

Warnings: none.

It wasn't often anyone performed for the ghosts of Samurai Hill.Collapse )

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